Can kids be taught how to be funny?

I always get asked this question by parents and friends. I also get this comment….I don’t  necessarily want my child to become an actor…it’s not a stable career. I empathize with parents as they help guide their children towards ultimate goals of happiness and intrinsic rewards in life, but a child has many paths to travel…many journeys to embark upon. In my opinion,learning to sculpt humorous scenes and finding satire and irony in life’s serious moments is a gift.On top of it all, if a young person can make new friends and grow relationships through the years….well what a wonderful bonus!

At Yonge Street Players Theatre School, the Comedy and the Improv is a vehicle for growth of self esteem, smile probabilities and friendship quotients….far from the realm of academia BUT firmly in the grasp of intellectual pursuits. In other words, it takes a smart, savvy child to be funny. At YSP, we love unique personalities and we build on the energy of each child because we understand what makes children and teens tick!

Think about it…creativity equals fun and ….intellectual gifts abound!

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