Comedy, Acting, Drama – the stuff of politics

I will try NOT to get political in today’s POST and focus on the 23rd season of YSP classes that are fast approaching. But  will I say one thing…politicians running for Mayoral posts need to be aware and absolutely dead honest when it comes to caring about the ‘details’ when it comes to pontificating about providing a ‘better process’…a ‘better governing body’.

The current roster of candidates leaves me feeling that nobody has more chance of connecting with citizens of Toronto than the other. In fact, their connections are sorely missing and in fact, several candidates have a track record of bad humour and dishonest dealings. And I like my use of Alliteration in that last sentence.

I am not one to mix Comedy and Politics- but I must say that we may need a good laugh as October 25th approaches and then a sobering pinch as we reevaluate the comedy of errors that many of the candidates are making.

But if any of this makes you feel upset or frustrated or makes you feel uneasy….then remember it’s September and so much can be done in 1 month and 25 days until the election. Item number #1- have your child come to out YSP class and smile!

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