It makes perfect sense! When children are being funny….genuinely funny…kids laugh with them and the barriers start to break down between the need to be popular and the goal of fitting in…BECAUSE laughter is an equalizer! Thinking about what to say or respond to with other kids in a large or small group takes nerve, timing and listening skills. A child who practises providing a humourous comment or story becomes a more confident teen and a stellar adult.

With classes in Improv and Character work there is no end to the type of material kids and teens can be witness to…and become a friend who leaps into a conversation with a solid base. The term may be ‘risk-taking’….but the result is ‘risk-management’. By practising to add funny stories and commentary; a child helps himself to more opportunities for successful friendship and a tougher exterior.

Don’t be afraid to teach your child the art of humour….it is a lost art for many by the time they reach adulthood!

Yonge Street Players Theatre School is the place to start a lifetime of building confidence in your child.

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