Our Testimonials say it all!

I’m not one to brag. Hence , when asked to print some of our testimonials I naturaly feel a sense of unabashed pride with a dose of humility. Pride because I love doing what I do and I’m happy that my teaching style resonates with both Pint size and teen Players…And humility because I never take the praise for granted.  

How to make each class new and prevent boredom is something I do not take lightly. After 22 years of teaching Acting and Improv classes for all ages from the very young to adults (in my Corporate felicitations), it is imperative that I push myself to be try new exercises and be a role model for a high energy approach.

I care about each student. I am able to read their mood or their intensity and dial my energy up or down. I am empathetic to those that may have had a late night  sleepover or video-gaming …or not enjoyed a quiet car ride on the way to class…or rushed to class with visions of homework not done! My goal is too get the child or teen to unwind and give themselves the gift of a workout for their imagination and abandon all thoughts of stress and worry. The day can bring a little piece of joy to their week of school, sports and social life. I like to think of my class as a way to add substance to their week; to be worth the effort. My guarantee is that I will  never suffer boredom as a teacher and always give a 100% + effort .

If you have a chance -come try us out this FALL at YSP!

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