Toronto a breeding ground for funny kids and teens

Is it in our water or in our  hospital birthing rooms or our cycle lanes that meander through the city with no real intent or….Is it in our slightly beautiful Lake Ontario devoid of any potential for ducking one’s head under the surface…or is it just coincidence that 90% of Toronto parents give birth to funny babies that grow into humorous, smart youth!

I think it’s in our air…our air of comfort in retelling stories of our varied childhoods and learning to laugh at ourselves and with others. I think our school teachers allow for more individual personalities to come forth and shine in between  assignments and reprimands.

Whatever the cause, whatever the catalyst- Toronto has some of the funniest children and teens experiencing the joys of Comedy and Improvisation in N. America. We are the First City of LAUGHTER  and second to none.

I welcome all the funny and not so sure if they actually are funny potential Players to call  and find out more about our FALL roster of classes at YSP. What have you got to lose…knowing that your child will have a remarkable experience bringing out the best in their personality and making new friends.

Come laugh with us on September 25th- free trail class.

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