7-9 & 10-12 YEARS+
Our younger Pint-Size Players (PSP) start Creative Drama classes at age 7 years. Our unique approach engages the children in creating meaningful and original characters in a GROUP ensemble. Our last PSP group worked on characters in two small towns with a bridge linking everyone; with a ‘thing’ lurking beneath the bridge. The towns had to come together to identify not just what it was …but was it real…was it friendly…or could it teach them something? The characters spring to life from each Player…They create their own reality and learn to act with their peers. The teaching is focused on the 3 C’s…Creativity, Communication & Confidence. The take away experience is something that all the children and parents will identify as superior to a ‘typical Acting class’. Lisa creates an environment where children want to run to each week…and return year after year. It’s worth a visit. No Players are signed up before coming to a class to make sure they LOVE it! (And that’s what we’ve done since ’87…and that’s why we’re still known as the little gem in the big city).

Our TEEN classes are known for their *ADVANCED approach to ALL things IMPROV. Ty Kostyk provides leadership in this venue. All levels of Improvisation are taught at YSP. *Advanced classes require a class audition with peers of the same age. Lisa & Ty team teach all the teens and love the fast paced
and hilarious scenes that are created each week. It’s a unique,energetic and wonderful class experience!

Call Lisa to discuss your child’s FALL at YSP -(416-823-5343) Spaces limited.
Some classes have wait list for our Winter Session.

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