At least injuries don’t come with Improv

So sorry to hear about the elbow injury of young baseball phenom Strasberg in the papers today. He deserves kudos for taking it on the chin and being positive about his recovery. I wish him all the best in his career. Makes me think about the liabilities surrounding Improvisation, Comedy and Acting classes like ours….there are none!  ZERO CHANCE OF SLIDING INTO HOME PLATE AND DISLOCATING A KNEE….No probability to break a finger throwing out a bad line or scene that just doesn’t fly.

Ahhh- the life of an actor really has few hazards outside of sword play and stage combat.

If I take all the hundreds of  young PLAYERS that we’ve taught since 1987 and asked them what injuries they’ve suffered- I think there would be a few broken nails and a bruise from a teen who tried to reenact a scene from the classic Three Stogies…and forgot to tell his scene partners.

All in all – Improv and Comedy is a safe bet that your child will come out in top form! We welcome Strasberg to come visit our live Improv show in December at the close of our Fall session to have a few laughs as he recovers from his injury. We wish you well my friend!

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