The Buzz about YSP….

I just got off the phone with a parent who said that her daughter may want to try YSP because she was not eager to go back to her old theatre school from last year. ‘How sad’…I thought to myself and then said it out loud unexpectedly – “Why? What do you think happened to make her not want to go back?’  The mother thought about it and said that her daughter had been lacking interest and feeling down about the acting classes and said the class felt long and she didn’t find it fun anymore! “She loves to act little plays and scenes at home so we don’t know what to do”, reiterated the Mom.

What a shame for this young 10 yr old. Too young to not love acting . Grade 5’s are drama experts!

I promise that this  young Player will not be bored or feel the minutes pass slowly in my class at YSP. I can promise that we will do our level best to make her want to run back to class the following week BECAUSE that is what acting class is all about…enjoying the process and engaging a young child or teen in a challenging manner. Boredom is not an option at YSP!

Comedy, Improv, Acting class, Characterization and Monologues for those who want ot memorize a piece or two…We will knock your socks off!  That is what we do and we pride ourselves on facilitating excellent workshops ! Our Live Improv Shows at end of session are great to watch as your child owns the experience!

That is my pledge.

Registration by phone 416-823-5343 or e mail.

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